Alpha 0.11 Patchnotes - The Quality of Life Update or Why Didn't I Do These in the First Place?

Just over one week out from the first shared Unity build, big thanks to all the testers who've helped with figuring out some quality of life improvements and clarifications.

First Draft Tooltips: 129 remaining out of 307

Feature changes:

  • Story structure has been adjusted to not have 6 object definitions up front.
    • Now the story starts with defining a setting and a hero, a narrative section, then the quest and antagonist followed by another narrative paragraph. In general this should be a nicer flow than being thrown into the deep end.
  • The saved HTML file of your story at the end now includes object definitions and conflict/resolution results in chronological order.
  • Rewrote the Quest "Type" field to be "Objective", and adjusted the text to make it clearer what they mean.
  • Added button in the corner that brings up a quit game dialogue.
  • Lots more tooltips added, every field should have one now, though many prompts are still missing.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where the wrong name was shown for the opponent in the Showdown.
  • Turned on word wrap to prevent descriptions and paragraphs being written only on one long line.
  • Clicking anywhere on a story card now works to focus/defocus it, getting around the raycasting bug with the tooltips.
  • Prevented multiple cards from being focused at once.
  • The GameSettings.json file is now included in the game by default rather than manually placed in.
  • Changed blank tooltips to say "[NOT YET WRITTEN]", for clarity.

Next Build:

  • Optional tutorial to explain how to interact with the game for a first time player
  • Messages to clarify unclear parts of the game.
  • A main menu and settings options
  • Examples of filled out cards for reference
  • An option to re-roll cards if you want to change the set of prompts offered
  • Fix newlines being correctly turned into <br> tags when generating the HTML story.

The Future:

  • More possible events (eg Gain Ally, Strengthen Ally, Training, Epilogue)
  • A dynamic story path that allows branching choices or random divergence
  • Improved UI for browsing and editing old written passages
  • Section for generating prompts for Hero, Setting, Quest etc. independent of a story.
  • In game editing to disable particular prompts as well as rewrite existing ones or add custom prompts


Heros Journey 0.11 Windows 11 MB
Mar 12, 2018
Heros Journey 0.11 Mac 15 MB
Mar 12, 2018

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