Alpha 0.12 Patchnotes - Tutorials and Settings

Another update! This is a more significant change, adding a couple new features. Still relatively small, but paving the way for some bigger stuff to come soon.

First Draft Tooltips: 125 remaining out of 307

Feature changes:

  • Added optional tutorial to explain how to interact with the game and what different elements mean.
  • Now has main menu and settings menu.
  • Stores some overarching settings, like default tooltip mode and keyboard shortcut for tooltips.
  • Can now re-roll Story Objects when defining them, including optionally locking in some traits.
  • Story Object Cards now include a sample image of a filled out card for users to see.
  • Starting Power is now stored independent of current Power.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug with narrative prompt tooltips not appearing
  • Fixed story writing to replace newline characters with <br> tags that will function as line breaks.
  • Added button to start coin pool calculation.

Next Build:

  • An Epilogue passage at the end, to allow any Story Objects to get their own ending
  • More Passage Types  (eg Gain Ally, Strengthen Ally, Training, Epilogue)
  • A less linear story structure, that allows choosing paths and randomised passage types appearing.
  • Add UI to show progress through a story

The Future:

  • Improved UI for browsing and editing old written passages
  • Section for generating prompts for Hero, Setting, Quest etc. independent of a story.
  • In game editing to disable particular prompts as well as rewrite existing ones or add custom prompts


Heros Journey 0.12 Windows 12 MB
Mar 21, 2018
Heros Journey 0.12 Mac 16 MB
Mar 21, 2018

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