Alpha 0.20 Patch Notes - At Crossroads

Hoo boy, this update took a while because it was a big change.

I changed how the story progresses so it's no longer purely linear. Now the story can go through different passages when the player makes a choice, depending on the result of a conflict. It can even end the story prematurely if the Hero is retired by the antagonist. 

Figuring out how I wanted to make  dynamic stories took time, and then I wanted to add more passage types to really flesh it out. Even now, I'd like to build more onto it, but it's a good early demo of how the story doesn't have to be the same path every time.

With these big changes, feedback on how it changes the game is very welcome, especially as my next update will focus mostly on tweaks/fixes and bulking out more of the content to add more options to the flow of the story.

First Draft Tooltips: 41 remaining out of 308

Feature changes:

  • Removed Ally/Obstacle count settings as redundant
  • Added new passages
  • Added new passage types:
    • Training (to Raise Power)
    • Power Restore (to Recover Lost Power)
    • Branching choice passages
    • Retirement check passage (goes to different path depending on if a particular element is retired)
  • Dynamic narrative that branches based on:
    • Game events like losing a conflict or the hero retiring
    • User choice from a set of options
    • Random choice from a set of options

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved how narrative flags are stored and written to story file
  • Clarified that Power is entirely independent of traits
  • Fixed newlines not writing correctly to HTML
  • Moved Story Object selection buttons onto actual cards
  • Fixed bug with example filled out cards appearing behind fields after a reroll

Next Build:

  • Finish writing current tooltips 
  • Add more passage types
  • Add random prompts to narrative passages
  • Inevitable bug fixes 

The Future:

  • Overhauling the UI
  • Saving system to save mid story and continue it
  • In game story settings editor 


Heros Journey 0.20 Windows 12 MB
Apr 11, 2018
Heros Journey 0.20 Mac 16 MB
Apr 11, 2018

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